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Have an impact while travelling and feel good knowing you've done your part

Travel Sri Lanka with meaning

Travel Sri Lanka with meaning

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Misty, luscious green mountain tops with dead-end drops and views. Mystic, secluded beaches with calm blue waters, finest golden sands, and hot equatorial sun for the perfect tan. Unbelievable cultural heritage sites, historical monuments, artefacts, and time-old structures along with dense, humid tropical rainforests, towering trees with an exotic array of wildlife. This Sri Lanka tour features it all, taking you on a Sri Lanka holiday of your dream for 11 days while giving you the opportunity to participate in our CSR programs to support the low-income families and students in rural villages. Support the local communities and the country during this critical financial crisis through your tour and add new meaning to your travels. Have an impact while travelling and feel good knowing you’ve done your part. Hop on board for a journey of a lifetime!


Valid from 1st July 2022 – 31st December 2022

10 Nights | 11 Days
Zero+ Age
  • Destination
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    Casual, Comfortable and Light
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    Entrance Tickets
    Luxury Boutique / Villa / Resort Accommodation
    Personal Guide
    Private Transfers
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    Air Ticket
    Personal Expenses
    Tips and Portage

Tour Plan


Day 1 - Negombo

Ayubowan – may you be blessed with long life. More warm greetings and shy smiles are heading your way as you exit the Airport and have some downtime in Negombo in a matter of minutes. Sri Lanka’s iconic coastal life destination features picturesque lagoons, luxury seaside resorts, daring watersports and a hint of salty breeze that support your relaxation and leisure needs.

Overnight stay at Goldi Sands Hotel

Day 2 - Dambulla

Pay a visit to one of medieval Sri Lanka’s ephemeral capitals in the morning; Yapahuwa is home to a well-preserved, historic rock fortress - tranquil and full of ancient vibes. Enjoy an evening tea party and safari amidst Asia’s largest wild elephant gatherings alongside leopards, spotted dear, wild buffalo, sloth bears, purple-faced leaf monkeys and many more wildlife species to spot.

Overnight stay at Nice Place Hotel

Day 3 - Dambulla

Today visit two UNESCO World Heritage Sites one day. Surround yourself with 12th-century Brahmanic monuments of the Cholas and King Parakramabahu I’s a fabulous garden-city by dawn. Then visit Sri Lanka’s #1 tourist destination by eve. Resonate with the surroundings on top of Lion Fortress, and savour the King’s panoramic view as the sun sweeps below the horizon leaving purple hues all around.

Overnight stay at Nice Place Hotel

Day 4 - Kandy

A 22-century-old sacred pilgrimage site and an ancient cave that has well stood the test of time. Dambulla cave temple is home to 157 shimmering Buddhist statues and 2,100 Buddhist mural paintings. Before dusk, we visit the most revered heritage site of Sri Lanka – the golden-roofed Kandy Temple that safeguards the sacred tooth of the Lord Buddha.

Overnight stay at Victoria Golf & Country Resort

Day 5 - Mahiyanganaya

Spend your morning at the beautiful valleys of Digana, home to infinity pools overlooking wide and clam lakes reflecting clear sunny skies. Traverse from the Kandyan into the Badulla and visit the iconic Mahiyangana Temple. You’ll be able to make friends with and trek alongside a historical line of indigenous people – the “Veddahs” – who will show you their way of life.

Overnight stay at Kevans Casa

Day 6 - Mahiyanganaya

Master the artistry of ‘Pan Peduru’ – the process of weaving pan reeds into a magical, multi-purpose carpet used in many Sri Lankan households. Roll up your sleeves and enjoy the liberty of having to turn mud and clay into your own personalized pottery piece. Enjoy a traditional village lunch with the perfect balance of sweet spice and curry-lusciously nice before snoozing off the evening at the hotel.

Overnight stay at Kevans Casa

Day 7 - Haputale

Step afoot on Sri Lanka’s oldest surviving all-wooden bridge, built in the 16th century during the Dambadeniya era. By all wooden, we mean the nails too! For a more iconic ‘bridging’ experience, head over to the popularly snapped colonial-era constructions - the Nine Arch Bridge. More infinity pools facing the endless horizon and surrounding mountains with your lunch at Ravana Pool Club. Tone down for the day by a visit to the Dowa temple and connect with your spiritual senses.

Overnight stay at Alankaa Resorts

Day 8 - Haputale

Day one of our CSR Project – experience, connect, play alongside local schoolboys and schoolgirls in their village school and maybe have a small English teaching session or two! The kids are quite shy and nervous at first sight, but it only takes a few minutes for them to get into their playful senses.

Overnight stay at Alankaa Resorts

Day 9 - Haputale

Trek the tallest of Sri Lankan waterfalls surrounded by mini-waterfalls and mesmerizing foggy, mountainous views. Grab your gardening gear as we start off day two of our CSR project with a small tea plantation program and vegetable cultivation in a temple yard. We end the programme with a small donation to a local library and a computer for a local lab development project.

Overnight stay at Alankaa Resorts

Day 10 - Unawatuna

Dash out early and enjoy your morning at Little Ella, home to hills with clouded forests and Ceylon’s finest tea plantations, rich in biodiversity. Then, venture down south to the city of Galle, stroll through its colonial surroundings and cobblestone pathways, sense the Fort’s strong winds and tidal waves, and gaze at the unhindered view of the southward open ocean.

Overnight stay at Green Escape Unawatuna

Day 11 - Departure

After having some diverse experiences all around the island, it’s, unfortunately, that time when you unwillingly pack up and get ready for your departure. You’ll head back to the Bandaranayake International Airport, recalling all the memories you’ve made during your stay on the long ride back, wishing you could spend more time around your favourite destination of the lot.

Tour extensions are considered upon your request after the Beach drop-off in Galle.
  • Enjoy the luxuries of the coastal life in Negombo.
  • Explore the history of the kingdom of Yapahuwa.
  • Go on an adventurous safari ride into the wild in Minneriya National Park.
  • Discover the magnificence of the ancient city of Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya.
  • Pay a visit to the Dambulla cave temple and then to the world-famous temple of the tooth in Kandy.
  • Uncover the culture and the history of an indigenous tribe in Sri Lanka.
  • Experience a traditional lunch in a mud house on a pan mat in a local village.
  • Immerse yourself in the beauty of Haputale and its scenery.
  • Experience the joy of helping the local kids with their English lessons.
  • Witness the beauty of the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.
  • Join a tea planning and farming community project at the Village temple.
  • Explore the colonial vibes of the city of Galle.

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