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Our commitment is to leave things a bit better than before

Sustainability & CSR

Responsible and sustainable travel is a huge part of LHA. We believe that responsibility and sustainability in business is an attitude rather than a value to choose. At LHA, we choose to respect and honour the local people, culture, nature, wildlife and local economies. We believe our efforts not just contribute to the betterment of the local community and the environment but also enable fun-loving adventurers to make an impact through their travels that is more meaningful than just another hop in and out exploration.

When you hit the road with us, our aim is to deliver you the assistance to connect with the nature, culture and people of the location with a sparked curiosity for cultures and traditions. Thus you can connect on a deeper level with the destination you visit, enjoying its essence while knowing that you are making an impact in the world through your travels.

Our commitment

Our commitment is to leave things a bit better than before. Whether it’s nature, culture, people, economy, destinations or attractions, this is a value that runs through every process, operation and member of our organization. We believe in honouring, respecting and preserving the uniqueness and authenticity of the places we travel to. We make it our priority to do our part to ensure that all our travels impact everyone involved only in a positive manner.

All our business goals are followed by actions that are economically viable, selections that are socially preferred, and operations that are ecologically acceptable. We take on this responsibility to plan travelling the right way and enable you to travel the best way possible with our dedicated team at LHA, who believe in our values just as we do.

To People

At LHA we value people. People play an important role in all our operations. All our travel products and operations have been designed and developed to support local communities in many ways. We ensure all our travels provide aid to economically strengthen local communities and families while minimizing negative impacts on those people. We try to support the livelihood of the people who live in the neighbourhoods we take you to, generating job opportunities.

All our travel products focus on enabling you to experience the most authentic adventures of the destination with the very locals who call the place home. We believe in the invaluable contributions locals can add to enrich travel experiences, and we make sure such talents are well compensated and paid fairly. We are a company that maintains a high stance against child labour and believe every child should have the right to continue their education. We are also strongly against school visits and orphanage visits and work on helping such places through alternative ways such as our own charity programs.

To Local Communities

LHA ensures that all of your travels support the local community as much as we can. We always make sure to support locally owned businesses that can add value to your adventures, such as local hotels, farms, restaurants, and other services.

We encourage you to enjoy locally grown and produced food and beverages and local brands. We source services and talents from local businesses for transportation, rentals and other operational logistics. We also celebrate local arts and crafts from handmade batiks sarongs to woodcarvings to souvenirs. We also make it our responsibility to empower local trades and industries that have been preserved over generations within the communities. Thus you are able to enjoy experiences that are unique to the destination while together we can help keep a dying industry alive for another day and support the families who are holding on to their family culture.

To Animals

At LHA, we strongly believe in animal welfare and work with strong policies to ensure our travel products do not contain any activities and excursions that have detrimental effects on working, captive or wild animals. Our teams follow a thorough reviewing process with all our wild adventure service suppliers to ensure that all activities we promote, comply with the highest standards of animal welfare.

As a company against animal cruelty, we assure you that no animals are intentionally hurt, exploited or disturbed for your entertainment. We believe in alternative ways that can enable you to mingle closely with animals rather than common yet unethical wildlife tourism activities and excursions. We are a company that promotes being close to animals while silently being in the background, like with wildlife safaris in sanctuaries. We always guide and educate you to maintain discreet behaviours when you are with animals, domestic or wild. We assist you to get the best joy out of your travels with animals without accidentally or unknowingly provoking, stressing or disturbing them. We also promote preservations for endangered species as much as we can through our business to preserve them for tomorrow.

To Planet

Our drive to help you explore the earth is inextricably linked to our desire to safeguard it, which is why we are putting a greater emphasis on all areas of sustainability that have an influence on the environment. We make sure every holiday, every operation and every adventure align with our sustainability values and goals to help protect the planet for the future generation. From plants, animals, rivers, lakes, oceans, ecosystems to the sky, we make sure our operations cause the most minimum harm to the planet. We promote and encourage sustainable solutions to reduce air, water and land pollution. We always focus on reducing our carbon footprint whenever possible and encourage all our travellers to leave only their footprints no matter where they are travelling to.

LHA always prioritizes working with service providers who are eco-friendly such as eco-friendly hotels. We strongly work towards contributing to carbon reduction and mitigation, wildlife protection, habitat preservation and landscape preservation, supporting green transportation solutions wherever possible and minimizing plastic usage, waste, and energy consumption.

To Philosophy

LHA believes that sustainable tourism development comes from the informed participation of all important stakeholders, and achieving sustainable tourism is a continuous process that demands ongoing monitoring of impacts and the implementation of required preventative and/or corrective actions as needed.

We also believe that sustainable tourism should also maintain a high level of visitor satisfaction while providing you with a meaningful experience that enhances your understanding of sustainability concerns and supports sustainable tourism activities.

And we do it with our sustainable business philosophy that spans across the environmental, economic, and socio-cultural aspects of tourism development, making our contribution to long-term tourism sustainability.

Our Policies

All our policies have been developed to ensure the best outcomes for all stakeholders involved in our business, from our clients, suppliers, employees, investors to local communities. Developed with specialists on the subject areas, we ensure practical, efficient, realistic and sustainable approaches to ensuring sustainability through our operations while ensuring a unique holiday for you.

Health and Safety Policy

At LHA, we take health and safety seriously and are committed to ensuring the safety of you and our employees at all times.

  • We ensure all our travel products maintain and comply with the highest operational safety standards from activities, adventures, destination visits, attractions visits to transportation to ensure your peace of mind every minute you are with us.
  • We work with suppliers who strictly adhere to regulatory and other safety-relevant requirements in the business.
  • We continue to monitor and analyze methodical hazards & health risks to provide you with healthier and safer holiday solutions at all times.
  • We maintain high standards in the work environment to ensure all our staff have a safe work environment.
  • We strongly follow ISO 45001 : 2018 requirements to ensure the healthiest and safest experiences for you and never compromise compliance obligations in carrying out our operations.

Quality Policy

Quality is at the heart of everything we do at LHA. Our quality policy encompasses travel solutions, service experience, customer care, communication and more to ensure you receive the best quality you deserve throughout your encounters with us.

  • All our travel solutions and products have been designed and developed to ensure the best quality experiences enabling you to enjoy an adventure of a lifetime.
  • We focus on delivering creative, flexible and tailor-made travel solutions just for you, giving you the best opportunities to live your exact travel moments and dreams.
  • Our travel experts take time to continuously review our past clients’ feedback and explore and experience new adventures, and constantly change our travel products to meet our clients’ needs and expectations.
  • All our travel solutions aim to protect nature, preserve culture, history, heritage and cultural values along with local communities.
  • All our suppliers and partners have been selected after a thorough screening process to ensure the best quality standards that you deserve.
  • We continuously dedicate resources to train our employees to deliver better service quality for you and maintain a company culture where we showcase delivering value to our guests.
  • Further, we utilized the best available technologies and business practices to ensure convenience and simplicity throughout the service process, so you are able to plan your holiday with zero stress.

Environment and sustainability

As we commit ourselves to deliver the most authentic travel experiences for you, we make it our priority to be environmentally careful. This is why we follow a well-defined environment and sustainability policy that keeps us aligned with our goals for a sustainable future.

  • We are committed to providing high-quality eco-friendly services and travel services for sustainable travel solutions.
  • We ensure compliance with essential environmental rules and regulations and internationally accepted environmental requirements.
  • We constantly adapt processes and technologies to minimize, if not eliminate, negative impacts on the environment, wildlife and local communities.
  • We strive to develop new programs, initiatives, and travel solutions that empower eco-friendly and sustainable travelling.
  • We constantly educate ourselves on effective environmental protection and sustainability practices in tourism to continuously improve our efforts toward promoting sustainable and eco-friendly tourism.

Cruelty-Free travels

We are a company that believes that you can enjoy animals without being cruel to them. Thus we strongly believe in cruelty-free travels and make sure that you are not missing out on the exotic animals that you can encounter in the destinations you travel to.

  • We ensure that all our travel solutions are free from animal cruelty. Thus, no animal is being harmed in the habitat they live in.
  • We do not encourage or promote activities that mistreat animals to pose for photos for their owners’ economic gains.
  • All our sanctuary travel solutions are planned around compliance with local and sanctuary laws and guidelines honouring animal’s boundaries and peace and nesting grounds and breeding programs.
  • We do not promote activities or adventures in settings where animals are poorly treated, harassed or exploited.
  • We train our employees to guide our guests to interact with animals responsibly to avoid unknowingly disturbing them or provoking them.
  • We make sure all the involved animal activities we recommend are operated, keeping the animals at heart at best and treated well.


LHA’s CSR showcases our commitment to maintaining and exceeding corporate and social best practices to ensure a sustainable industry for employees, partners, guests, society, and the environment. As a company that understands our responsibility to give back, our CRS policy encompasses our principles on sustainable corporate management towards positive social, environmental, and economic progress and impacts.

We are committed to the welfare and development of the travel and tourism industry, providing a safe, secure and equal-opportunity work environment for our employees, respecting ecosystems around locations, promoting environmentally friendly processes and empowering local communities and making our contribution to uplift the local lives and families in our operational areas.

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