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Top 7 Hikes in Sri Lanka

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Top 7 Hikes in Sri Lanka

Every hiker loves a good hiking trail that rewards you with an amazing experience. If you are looking for the best hiking trails in Sri Lanka to add to your bucket list, here we share the top 7 hikes in Sri Lanka that you might want to try.

Ella – Moderate

Ella is one of the well-known travel destinations in Sri Lanka where hikers can have a great time. The mountain village surrounded by stunning green hills with mist provides a fantastic atmosphere to enjoy a joyful hike. There are two close hiking destinations in Ella, namely Ella rock and little Adam’s peak.

When you get to Ella city, you are only a few minutes away from going above the clouds on these hiking destinations. The day hikes in Ella are among the best hiking experiences in Sri Lanka and will only take 3 to 5 hours to finish.


Pidurangala is located in Matale district, Sri Lanka. Located next to the world’s eighth wonder, Sigiriya rock Pidurangala is also a significant hiking destination in Sri Lanka.

View the Sigiriya rock fortress and the green forest surrounding it from a different angle. Pidurangala also has historical value similar to Sigiriya rock. It was a Buddhist monastery but became a royal place during King Kashyapa’s era. So, you will see many historical ruins throughout your hike to the top.

Adam's peak – Difficult

The hike to Adams Peak is the most popular trail for local and foreign tourists in Sri Lanka. If you wish to see the stunning sunrise from the top of Adams Peak, you should climb the 5,200 stone stairs in the early morning. It will take around 3.5 to 5 hours to get to the top of the peak.

Adams Peak, also known as Sri Padaya, is a holy mountain of the world’s major religions. According to Buddhists, it is the left foot of the Buddha, but for Hindus, it’s the left footprint of Shiva. Christians and Muslims agree that it was Adam’s first move after leaving the Garden of Eden. This is why people of all religions are eager to climb 2,243 m long peaks, which is well worth it.

Sinharaja Rainforest trek – Moderate

Located around 4 hours’ drive from Colombo, Sinharaja is the largest rainforest in Sri Lanka. The lush evergreen tropical rainforest with a unique diversity is a hiking trail in Sri Lanka that nature lovers can’t afford to miss. Explore unspoiled jungles, enjoy the flora and fauna species and reconnect with nature.

From tall trees, massive vines, and crystal clear water streams there is so much to explore under the thick canopy of Sinharaja. A single-day trek will not be enough to experience the nature of the rainforest. So it’s best if you get there for a few days. 

Horton plains – Moderate

Find a pleasant utopia in the grasslands of Horton’s Plains, where Mother Nature will amaze you with its beautiful landscapes and evergreen forests. Horton Plains National Park is located in the central hills of Sri Lanka. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

It features montane grassland and cloud forest and is situated between 2,100 and 2,300 meters in elevation. Hundreds of plant and animal species found here are unique to this area. This diversity makes it a hotspot for biodiversity. Another highlight that would blow your mind during your hike in Horton plains is a 4,000-meter cliff called “World’s End,” from which you can see the whole world stretching into the location.


Knuckles is another pristine destination that offers numerous opportunities for trekking in Sri Lanka, such as the Knuckles Ranges. It is only 180 km away from Colombo, so it takes less than 4 hours to get there. Since each of the five peaks is shaped like a knuckle of a hand, the range is known as The Knuckles Range.

Numerous trekking tours in Sri Lanka offer guided tours through the forests of the Knuckles mountains, which are abundant with different types of green grounds, waterfalls, and villages. The best part is that the trails are unique, a little challenging, and less crowded. If you are interested in trekking, this is one of Sri Lanka’s most exciting places to visit.

Upper Diyaluma

Hiking to the upper Diyaluma falls, the country’s second-highest waterfall is a great way to enjoy nature and adventure. As Sri Lanka’s newest thrill, it is an exciting and challenging hike on top of a 220-meter waterfall. The environment is rich with many natural pools bounded by deep forests and landscapes of beautiful wilderness that open up along the way.

There are many adventure activities that you can try in Upper Diyaluma. So, you can interact with any of the adventures you are interested in. This adventure-packed destination is 5 hours away from Colombo. But it takes only one and a half hours to reach from world-famous Ella city.

Devil's Staircase

The name “Devil’s Staircase” has been given to several natural and man-made structures around the world. One of the most dangerous ones is in Sri Lanka. This famous route is a 14-kilometer-long path with sharp zigzag turns that are very steep and hard but a lot of fun to walk.

The trail starts from Horton Plains road in beautiful Ohiya. It goes through tea plantations to the A4 Main Road in Kalupahana. You could also end the trail near Bambarakanda Falls, the tallest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

Despite having a reasonable width, The Devil’s Staircase can drive up a 4WD to the top. You can also see some beautiful scenery and other exciting  views along the route.


Belihuloya might not be your typical Sri Lankan mountain trek. But you ought to choose this if you want something abundant in nature and easy on your stamina. It is a one-day hike in Rathnapura, Sri Lanka which would only take 4 hours drive from Colombo to get there.

here are many adventure tourism attractions also in Belihuloya. So, you can experience the breathtaking views of the plains, tropical forests, and magnificent grasslands, along with incredible adventure tourism experiences.

With so many hiking trails that end up in one of a kind viewpoint, Sri Lanka is hikers’ paradise. No matter what type of challenge you are up for, you will have an option to choose from no matter where you travel to. When you are planning your hiking tour it’s important that you have a hiking expert by your side to ensure a smooth hiking experience. This is why we are here to help you plan an amazing hike in Sri Lanka on your next Sri Lankan holiday.

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