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Blissful sanctuary with many tranquil getaways and unforgettable adventures



The Maldives, a cluster of over a thousand coral islands spread across the Indian Ocean, is a pearly white utopia for beachgoers from all over the world. A luxury holiday in Maldives synonym for luxury islands getaway. It’s a country where time stands still is a blissful sanctuary with many tranquil getaways and unforgettable adventures. If you’re looking for romance, peace, and lovely sceneries, the Maldives is the place to be.

The Maldives’ resorts are as well-known as their beaches for providing a wonderful vacation. With many attractions and activities combined with water villas, deep a private island, luxury hotels where you get the ultimate excitement of jumping from your room directly into the ocean, it’s a destination that you can’t get enough of.

Go snorkeling, swimming, deep-sea diving, or simply sunbath or enjoy a watersport. Luxury Holiday in the Maldives provides an unrivalled retreat to pamper yourself in a beach escape of a lifetime.


The Maldives, being a sea-based country, is primarily reliant on fishing; thus, the industry has strongly influenced the island’s culture. The Maldives’ culture is also highly influenced by Indian, Sri Lankan, Malaysian, Arab, Persian, Indonesian, and even African elements. The people on the islands are exceptionally friendly, hospitable, who will go above and beyond to help a foreigner or anyone for that matter.


Maldivians are renowned for their seafood dishes. Thus, seafood lovers will find paradise, during your luxury holiday in Maldives. Expect to eat a lot of fresh tuna, snapper, and lobster, as well as a variety of different cuisines during your luxury holiday in the Maldives. Traditional Maldivian cuisine is hot and spicy, with a variety of curries, soups, and meals eaten with rice. Coconuts, yams, mangoes, and pineapples are also grown locally and tasty.


Although the Maldives is known for luxury romantic holidays in Asia, it is also a family-friendly country and ideal for a family vacation. The Maldives guarantees a luxurious holiday for everyone, whether you are an adult, a kid, or a teenager, offering a variety of activities to keep people of all ages engaged and delighted.


The Maldives is not a popular destination for cruise ships. However, each year, a few ships visit the archipelago. Those that do frequently arrive as part of unconventional, long-distance itineraries allow you to explore the Maldives and other places in the region, such as Seychelles and Sri Lanka, in one trip.


There are many opportunities for an unforgettable golfing experience in the Maldives. Velaa Private, Island Shangri La Villingili, Kuredu Resort and Meeru Island are some of the top Golf courses on the island that promise passionate golfers an amazing golf adventure amidst the tropical bliss. The country offers enough challenging turf for golfers of all levels to test all aspects of your golf game from the ball striking to putting.


The Maldives has some of the gorgeous beaches on the planet. white, fine-grained sand that hugs the tropical vegetation allure many beach lovers from all over the world to the Maldives, making them fall in love with the destination instantly. The stunning natural beauty of these islands draws visitors from all over the world for a luxury beach holiday in Asia.


Maldives is the number one Romanic holiday getaway in Asia that offer many private and Romanic setting to explore with your partner. A plethora of the best spa and wellness activities await in the Maldives to heal your mind, body, and soul and shape your personal journey while discovering the breathtaking beauty of the Maldives. From salt chambers, sound healing, luxury spa treatments, yoga, fitness programs to many other meditation and holistic healing, Maldives has everything you can ask for a blissful luxury holiday in Asia.


Although many think the Maldives is the ultimate destination for relaxation, the islands offer a world of opportunities to experience adventures like no other. Whether you want to try a wonderful watersport such as jet skiing, canoeing, parasailing, or diving, go on a submarine expedition to explore the deep sea or swim with sharks or dolphins; a luxury holiday in Maldives got you covered adventure.

Our luxury Maldives Holiday Packages

The tropical island paradise of Maldives is a famed travel destination for tourists of all sorts. Many visit the islands hoping for a calm and quiet private holiday, which is truly possible with  the country’s stunning geography and tourism industry.

Opulent hotels and resorts surrounded by clear sparkling beaches are available in abundance in the Maldives, providing you with the opportunities for the ultimate beach vacation. It looks straight out of a fairy tale, and we make sure to make that fairy tale come true on your next holiday. Book your luxury Maldives holiday with us.

Why choose us?

Luxury Holidays Asia is one of the best and most experienced luxury Maldives tour organizers in the industry. We provide our customers with exotic experiences all around Asia and take you to places where you will not be able to witness otherwise.

Even if a luxury holiday in the Maldives is not on your bucket list right now this is a sign to add it to the list and make it happen. Personalized care and excellent service are our areas of expertise. Booking with us is your chance to taste a luxury Maldives holiday like no other.

Plan your luxury Holiday in the Maldives

Were you looking for the perfect destination for your next summer holiday? If your answer is “yes” let us help you plan your tour to the beautiful Maldives.

With our help, you will be able to make memories for a lifetime during your trip to the Maldives. Choose a Maldives tour with Luxury Holidays Asia, and you will be provided with the best hotels, best transportation and the best overall experience. Our packages are unmatched, and there will be something for everyone. Choose according to your preferences because we deliver only the best.


What is the best time to do a luxury Maldives tour?

The Maldives is a heavenly cluster of islands with beautiful sandy beaches. And it is almost always sunny there because it is very close to the equator. So, anytime you can afford a holiday is the best time to visit the Maldives.

What to do during a luxury Maldives holiday?

There are nearly 1200 islands in the Maldives. Some of them are private, while others are open to the public. There are entire islands of resorts, and there is so much to do around those apart from soaking in the sun, and relaxing.

How much would it cost for a luxury holiday in the Maldives?

The Maldives is a famous tourist destination for those who love the white beaches and immaculate sunshine. There is a range of hotels and resorts ranging in a spectrum of prices. On average, a week-long luxury holiday in the Maldives will cost around 1650 USD per person.

What can I bring to a luxury Maldives holiday?

When you are coming to the Maldives, it is always better to look into what tourists can and cannot bring into the country from outside. And there might be restrictions put up by hotels as well. Your travel agent will inform you of this beforehand. Feel free to inquire with us anytime.

What should I pack for a luxury holiday in the Maldives?

You are mostly going to be either on the beach or on a boat while in the Maldives. So, pack as many swimsuits as you want to. Apart from that, don’t forget your essentials in the sun – sunscreens and lotions.

Good to Know

Know these before you visit the Maldives.



Visa Requirements

On arrival for all nationalities

Languages spoken

Dhivehi & English

Currency Used

Maldivian rufiyaa

Area (km2)

300 km2

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