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Discover the best tours in Sri Lanka for an one of a kind touring experience

Sri Lanka Holiday Packages

Discover the best tours in Sri Lanka for an one of a kind touring experience

Enclosed by palm-fringed blue beaches all around, Sri Lanka is known for its startling beauty and welcoming hospitality. The beautiful island destination is home to hundreds of miles of crystal-clear beaches, rolling hills of emerald-green tea plantations, millennia-old ancient cities and temples nestled beside fading colonial homes, teeming with large herds of elephant. With a rich Hindu and Buddhist culture influenced by the colonization of Portugues, Dutch and Birth, Sri Lanka intrigue travellers with vibrant culture and cuisine. The well-preserved UNESCO World Heritage Sites that lies between Kandy, Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, also known as Cultural Triangle, showcase the historical grandeur of the island.

The range of national parks that are scattered across the island adds exciting wildlife adventures to a holiday in Sri Lanka with a diversity of wildlife, including leopards, elephants and many bird species. The cool climate and the stunning landscapes of the hill country, along with English styled bungalows and fine golf courses, will remind you of an old English country village while offering you ample opportunities to unwind with a warm cup of the finest Ceylon tea. A myriad of adventures also awaits to add excitement to your holiday no matter to which part you travel in Sri Lanka, ranging from water rafting, canoes, kayaking and more. The rich marine life around the island creates magnificent opportunities to explore the beautiful world under the water at your comfort with a snorkelling or diving expedition. Whales and dolphins are also spotted in abundance in several coasts in Sri Lanka, along with some rare species of turtle which make Sri Lanka an ideal getaway for marine life lovers. Encompassing all these amazing experiences and adventures with an added splash of luxury for your comfort, all our tours let you explore the best of Sri Lanka in style.

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