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Why Plan your Accessible Tour in Asia with LHA?

Luxury Holidays Asia

Why Plan your Accessible Tour in Asia with LHA?

Accessible tourism enables people with almost all sorts of physical and other limitations to enjoy the travel experiences of their dream. These limitations can be anything that comes with age or being born with, including mobility issues, eyesight and hearing issues, and other medical conditions that require special assistance or care.

For many people with disabilities and physical limitations, travelling can get extra challenging. Accessible tourism improves their chances to explore the world more comfortably and confidently.

As estimated, over 1 billion persons have disabilities, and more than 2 billion people have someone with disabilities in their families. Thus, accessible tourism caters to a large market segment that is as big as one-third of the world’s population. Although there is still a long way for the travel industry to go in terms of making travel accessible for all, there are so many people with physical and other challenges that can explore the world right now.

More and more tour operators, travel agents, hoteliers, and restaurants promote and support accessible tourism, while many attractions are made accessible to disabled travellers.

Why LHA (Luxury Holidays Asia) for Accessible Tourism?

If you or your loved one have special needs, you need a trusted travel agent who has experience in accessible tourism to plan your tour. No matter where you want to travel to in Asia, here’s why you might want to consider us to plan your Asia tour.

We know what works for you.

At LHA our team takes time to understand your challenges and prepare an accessible tour in Asia to fit your needs. Whether you have limitations in your mobility, have challenges with your eyesight or hearing or need the assistance of a caregiver around the clock, we will make sure that you are comfortable and have a great time.

Maybe you are planning a trip for a senior citizen or a child. With our years of experience in tour planning, we know what exactly they would enjoy based on their age and other interests and would recommend the best places, attractions and activities to ensure them a great time. We also pay attention to all other logistic requirements and facilities you need, from transportation to accommodation options. Our experience in accessible tourism enables us to deliver a smooth holiday that you or your loved one would really enjoy.

We have experienced guides in accessible tourism.

We work with guides who have experience in accessible tourism and understand the unique needs of disabled travellers.

For example, when you are travelling with senior citizens walking from place to place to see attractions can take time. Our guides would never rush them and let them walk at the pace they are comfortable with.

Moreover, we believe that when it comes to accessible tourism, compassion, attention, and flexibility are really important. The trained guides we work with will do their best to ensure a fun and comfortable time – So you can enjoy the tour without having to worry about your physical limitations whatsoever.

They will be there by your side to assist you with whatever you need to make your journey stress free for you.

We accommodate your needs.

Maybe you need a wheelchair. Or maybe long walks are not for you. Or maybe you are travelling with a service animal.

No matter what types of checkboxes you need to tick off for your tour to be safe, enjoyable and comfortable, we can make that happen. Our team will help you have a great time during your holiday, providing the level of assistance and independence you need.

With us, you are sure to have a human support system that will help you navigate the country and explore the attractions without letting your limitations limit you.

Plan your tour with us

Do you need special assistance while travelling? Let us help you plan your accessible tour in Asia.

We have experienced travel agents trusted by many travellers across the globe with all sorts of limitations. With us, you have assured a smooth and seamless touring experience that you can really enjoy while uncovering the essence of the destination you are travelling to. Get in touch with us for more details.

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