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10 Bucket List Excursions You Should Experience in Sri Lanka

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10 Bucket List Excursions You Should Experience in Sri Lanka – by Travel Experts LHA

Sri Lanka is an island full of diverse adventures. Whether you are interested in nature, beaches, culture, history, or wildlife, the island has something for you. But to make your holiday in Sri Lanka truly special, you need unique experiences, which is why we have curated a bucket list of the ten best things to do in Sri Lanka. Each excursion in the list offers a captivating blend of history, nature, and culture to create an unforgettable journey.

10 Bucket List Excursions in Sri Lanka

The Bawa Triangle

Embark on a journey through the legacy of Geoffrey Bawa, a visionary architect whose masterpieces continue to mesmerize the world. Begin at Brief Garden, delve into Bawa’s early life, explore his inspirations, and visit Lunuganga to grasp the essence of tropical modernism. Conclude the tour at Bentota Beach Hotel and unravel Bawa’s artistic circles with icons like Barbara Sansoni, Laki Senanayake, and more over a refreshing beverage.

The True Taste of Ceylon

Explore the rich world of Ceylon Cinnamon in Sri Lanka with a scenic boat ride on Baddegama Lagoon, passing lush estates and Dutch-built canal ways. Immerse yourself in the art of Cinnamon planting and harvesting at a 10-acre plantation. Remember to enjoy a flavorful Cinnamon-infused lunch by a certified Ayurvedic doctor before you leave.

The Spirit of Old Ceylon

Indulge in a unique Arrack pairing experience, a local Sri Lankan spirit with a rich history dating back to the Kandyan Kingdom. Enjoy a flight of diverse Arrack blends alongside local bar favourites guided by a knowledgeable mixologist. You can learn the story of this esteemed spirit and discover its evolution from a celebratory drink to a globally recognized spirit rivalling Scotch whiskey.

The Colombo Food Coma

Hop on the Colombo Food Coma Street food tour to explore Colombo’s multicultural culinary scene. Your host will guide you to popular and hidden street food carts, offering a delightful sampling of unique treats. Immerse yourself in the colours, flavours, and culture of Colombo, and end the night at one of the city’s oldest dessert spots.

Escape to an Artist's Abode

Go on a journey into the world of art with renowned Sri Lankan artists Chinthaka and Poornima. As founders of the Collective of Contemporary Artists (COCA), their residence is a studio, experimental gallery, community kitchen, listening room, as well as an organic garden. Join a tour to delve into their unique perspective on art and explore its role in the community.

A Spiritual Discourse

For those who are looking for a unique spiritual retreat with our Spiritual Discourse and Meditation experience is perfect. Meet your guru in a serene Colombo suburb, exploring their approach to meditation, spirituality, and enlightenment. Engage in a guided meditation and discourse, followed by a Q&A session for personalized guidance on your path to self-discovery and inner transformation.

Cooking in the Galle Fort with Mama

Immerse yourself in the richness of Sri Lankan cuisine within the historic Galle Fort. Hosted by Mama in an art deco-style house, the experience starts with a market visit to select fresh produce. In the charming kitchen courtyard, learn the art of preparing mouthwatering Sri Lankan dishes. Receive recipes, indulge in the prepared food, and savour the peaceful atmosphere.

Crating Hands of the South

Explore the intricate art of wooden mask making in Ambalangoda, Sri Lanka, where a local family will visit your hotel for an exclusive experience. Your host will introduce the craft’s history and purpose, unveiling the secrets of transforming a tree log into a mask. Witness the family’s skilled craftsmanship and participate in the hands-on process of mask carving and painting.

Tea of Dynasties

Discover the uniqueness of Handunugoda Tea Estate, the world’s closest tea plantation to the sea. Known for producing the exclusive Virgin White Tea, untouched by hand, it follows an ancient Chinese ritual. With the owner as your guide, explore the tea-making process, indulge in homemade chocolate cake and oolong tea, and conclude with a visit to the tea museum and shop.

After dark Tales of the Galle Fort

Go on a captivating night tour of Galle Fort’s historical, archaeological, and architectural marvels with a local host. Learn about the fort’s origins and colonial history and explore the ruins of the ancient city under the night sky. Encounter diverse ethnicities, visit a local’s home, and conclude the journey at the historic Dutch Hospital with a refreshing drink.

Planning your tour to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a vibrant paradise with many places to visit to make some unforgettable memories. Since Sri Lanka is an island with a tropical climate, weather conditions can change drastically from one region to another. So, being prepared by taking necessary precautions like light clothing, sun creams, shades, and protective wear can be important for an enjoyable experience.

Having a reliable tour operator can also be helpful to get the best out of your holiday in Sri Lanka. From finding a way to fit all your bucket list excursions into your time in Sri Lanka to accommodation and transport bookings, an experienced tour company will help you enjoy a Sri Lanka tour made just for you.

Want to experience any of the above excursions in Sri Lanka? Let Luxury Holiday Asia help you make it happen. We offer many unique excursions in Sri Lanka including all the excursions listed above, ensuring our one-of-a-kind tour to fit your interests. Our experienced team is ready to show you the best of Sri Lanka, just the way you want, within your budget. So, like to plan your Sri Lanka tour with us? Feel free to get in touch.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit Sri Lanka is from December to April, depending on the part of the island that you are visiting.

Ella, Sigiriya, Kandy, and Mirissa are some of the must-visit places in Sri Lanka.

No. Sri Lanka can offer both affordable and luxurious travel options. So, plan wisely for the type of travel experience that you prefer.

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