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Pekoe Trail, What You Should Know About It and What It Offers

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Pekoe Trail, What You Should Know About It and What It Offers.

The tropical paradise of Sri Lanka is one of the premier destinations for nature lovers and adventure seekers. Discover a mystical island with a vibrant culture and a rich history, hidden among breathtaking landscapes. Clear your schedule and pack your bags while we take you through one of the best trekking trails to visit in Sri Lanka — Pekoe Trail.

Here’s everything you need to know about this one-of-a-kind Trail.

What is the Pekoe Trail?

Embark on The Pekoe Trail by Serendipity Trails for a captivating journey through Sri Lanka’s hill country. The trails start from the Ceylon Tea Museum on the Hantana Estate and take you on a 300 km magical journey to reach the hill station of Nuwara Eliya.

With the unique blend of nature, culture, and adventure that it offers, Pekoe Trail was also awarded as the best wider world tourism project by the British Guild of Travel Writers.

Immerse yourself in authentic local hospitality, centuries-old paths steeped in history, and breathtaking views of the Central Highlands from rare perspectives. Engage with local communities and their unique ways of life with the opportunity to experience farm-to-table dining. Make sure to add sipping a hot cup of fresh brew as you journey across vast fields of lush green tea.

To make the trek a bit more hiker-friendly, the Pekoe Trail is divided into 22 mostly easy stages, catering to independent and avid travellers. Perfect for those seeking an immersive walking experience, the trail promises a blend of scenic beauty and cultural richness in Sri Lanka’s hill country.

Stages of the Pekoe Trail

Each of the 22 stages of the Pekoe Trail comes with varying levels of difficulty. Each stage usually has a small village that allows you to rest and regain your energy. Here are the stages and the distance you have to trek to finish them.

  • Stage 1 – Hantana – Galaha | 12.8 km
  • Stage 2 – Galaha – Loolkandura | 14.6 km
  • Stage 3 – Loolkandura – Thawalanthenna | 17.2 km
  • Stage 4 – Thawalanthenna – Kumbaloluwa | 9.4 km
  • Stage 5 – Kumbaloluwa – Watagoda | 11.9 km
  • Stage 6 – Watagoda – Kotagala | 14.9 km
  • Stage 7 – Kotagala – Norwood | 16.1 km
  • Stage 8 – Norwood – Bogawantalawa | 15.9 km
  • Stage 9 – Bogawantalawa – Dayagama | 16.5 km
  • Stage 10 – Dayagama– Ohiya | 14.9 km
  • Stage 11 – Ohiya – Udaweriya | 13.0 km
  • Stage 12 – Udaweriya – Haputale | 15.1 km
  • Stage 13 – Haputale – St. Catherine’s | 13 km
  • Stage 14 – St. Catherine’s – Makulella | 9.04 km
  • Stage 15 – Makulella– Ella | 9.05 km
  • Stage 16 – Ella – Demodara | 8.8 km
  • Stage 17 – Demodara – Hali Ella | 14.0 km
  • Stage 18 – Hali Ela – Ettampitiya | 14.1 Km
  • Stage 19 – Ettampitiya – Loonuwatte | 14.01 km
  • Stage 20 – Loonuwatte – Uda Pusellawa | 15.11 km
  • Stage 21 – Uda Pusellawa – Kandapola | 16.9 km
  • Stage 22 – Kandapola – Nuwara Eliya | 14.8 km
Here are some of the best accommodations in the region for your convenience.

Stage 1 – W15 Hanthana EstateThe Chocolate Factory HouseSKYLOFT KANDY

Stage 2 – Villa TranquiliseBellwood Hills Resort and Spa, Ellerton Bungalow

Stage 3 – Chatsworth by Edwards Collection

Stage 4 – The Lavender HouseTuruliya HotelRamboda Falls Hotel

Stage 5 – CEB Circuit Bungalow TalawakelleMaussawa Estate Eco Lanka Villa

Stage 6 – Kithul CottageThe Waterfall VillasRiverfront home stay

Stage 7 – The ArgyleTea Queens BungalowHarrington Heritage

Stage 8 – Ceylon Tea Trails -NorwoodCamellia HillsRoyal Majesty Bungalow

Stage 9 – Ceylon Tea Trails – TientsinHaritha Kanda ResortLynford Bungalow

Stage 10 – Holmwood Estate BungalowWhite Monkey Dias RestIona Villa

Stage 11 – Icy FallsHill Safari – Tea Estate VillaMisty Mountain Lodge

Stage 12 – Nimruk CottageEver Green GardenWorld’s End Lodge

Stage 13 – Polo Region Rest InnThotalagalaDream Cliff Mountain Resort

Stage 14 – GlenMyu Estate

Stage 15 – AMBA EstateElla Breeze HomestayRoseland Cottages

Stage 16 – Ella’s Edge HotelThe Cubes EllaElla View Hotel

Stage 17 – Nine Skies

Stage 18 – V6 Holiday BungalowRainbow ResidencySithara Estate Bungalow

Stage 19 – White Haven HotelThushara Hotel WelimadaSanduni Holiday Bungalow

Stage 20 – Mount Plaza HotelRose Garden Hotel

Stage 21 – Stafford BungalowScottish Planter GlendevonHeritance Tea Factory

Stage 22 – Heritage GrandThe Hill ClubLa Grande Villa

Top Attractions Along the Pekoe Trail

The trail and the area around it are home to some of the best natural attractions the county has to offer. If you feel like it, you can stop by them and spend some time in awe of the beauty that they hold within. 

Ceylon Tea Museum

A museum with the first machinery used to produce tea. Learn the story behind Ceylon tea and enjoy a fresh brew from the cafe.

James Taylor Cottage

Explore the region where the first patch of tea was planted in Sri Lanka by James Taylor. Witness a divine view of the plantations from the James Taylor seat.

Horton Plains National Park

A nature park with a vast grass-covered plateau harbouring an array of flora and fauna.  

Nine Arches Bridge

An Iconic railway bridge as well as a marvel of engineering. This famous landmark is one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka in 2024.

Bambarakanda Falls

The tallest waterfall in the country, with a height of 263m and a serene background.  

Pekoe Trail- For a better Sri Lanka

The trail significantly impacts both community development and the tourism industry in Sri Lanka.

Firstly, it follows sustainable tourism practices, emphasizing low-impact and environmentally friendly approaches. This commitment not only preserves the pristine landscapes along the trail but also offers visitors high-value experiences rooted in ecological awareness.

Secondly, the trail plays a crucial role in enhancing the resilience of Sri Lanka’s tourism industry, particularly for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). By fostering economic diversification within local communities, the Pekoe Trail introduces new products and services to the tourism chain of the region.

Also the trail introduces tourism as a promising career opportunity for the youth in these regions. By providing a variety of opportunities, it empowers young individuals to actively engage in the tourism sector, fostering sustainable growth and prosperity within the local communities.

Planning Your Pekoe Trail Hike

You can easily find buses, taxis, and trains that will lead you to the starting point of the Pekoe Trail. The trail’s conditions often change depending on the weather conditions at the given moment. Normally, the trail tends to get hot at first, and then it gets cooler as it progresses.

You can prepare for this adventure as you would for any other hike. Bring and drink enough clean water to avoid dehydration. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes and lightweight clothing. If you tend to get quick sunburns, sun creams, shades, and head coverings are recommended as well.

While on the Pekoe Trail, make sure to carry out proper trail etiquette by respecting nature and local communities. Exercise wildlife awareness, maintaining a safe distance from animals. Practice cultural sensitivity by seeking permission and respecting local customs. Ensure preparedness with maps, adequate supplies, and emergency contacts for a safe trekking experience.

Planning Your Pekoe Trail Hike with Us

As one of the trusted tour operators in the region, we at Luxury Holiday Asia are fully capable of providing you with an unforgettable time while on your tour to Sri Lanka. With our local knowledge and firsthand experience, we can show you what you need to do, where to stay, and things you need to avoid. So, if you are looking for a reliable travelling partner- Don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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